Business Intelligence (BI)

Mind Lease Inc, experience with business intelligence is rooted in the origins of BI and decision support
software systems.

Right Business Decisions at Right Time - requires timely access to the latest, most accurate information.
Business Intelligence helps track, predict, analyze, and present information related to business performance
it provides the data company needs to translate events or transactions into actionable information.

Mind Lease Inc Business Intelligence services help you master the information complexity that prevents you
from gaining information advantage. Our consultants will help your enterprise with reporting solutions, dashboard analytics, data mining, business performance management, cloud integration, and predictive analytics for business performance optimization.

Mind Lease Inc Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are aimed at developing an effective Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform, comprising of dashboards and scorecards both at the enterprise and business function levels. Our expertise help defines key performance indicators to effectively evaluate the various business processes. These metrics are then aligned with overall strategic objectives to ensure a structured enterprise scorecard.

Mind Lease Inc believes that a good BI solution is a mix of alignment, visualization, and navigation.
Mind Lease Inc has developed following services around BI services.

Services Offered

We offer comprehensive Oracle BI solutions that enable timely presentation of accurate data anywhere, anytime in a controlled, secure manner. To accomplish this, we empower users to develop skills for rapid self-service exploration and discovery.

With in-depth expertise across OBIEE and other Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, we can help you to Leverage industry standard data models and KPIs while shrinking the implementation cycle time of your BI project by deploying Oracle Business Intelligence Applications using pre-built Analytics modules for Financial, Supply Chain & Order Management, Procurement & Spend, Human Capital, Customer, Manufacturing and many others Build custom Oracle BI solutions based on OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) that extend pre-built analytics and build on a library of related data models developed by Mind Lease Inc.

Migrate from an overwhelming array of spreadsheets and traditional, transactional system reports to Oracle BI Analytics so you can move from simply reporting on past trends to gaining insight for better decisions which impact your future Deliver fast, high-throughput performance in your data-intensive and time-sensitive analytical environment by deploying Oracle Analytics In-Memory Machine, modelling and planning Upgrade from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 10g to Oracle BI 11g Foundation Suite to position for your future roadmap.

We also Provide Exclusive

Reports and Dashboards:The most important aspect of any BI solution is the reports and dashboards accessed and analyzed by the business user. Mind Lease Inc has extensive expertise in developing reporting solutions ranging from financial regulatory reporting, revenue management, sales, and supply chain related metrics to
HR analytics etc.

Packaged BI Solutions: Packaged BI solutions bring down the time and effort by a very large percentage for
any BI project. Mind Lease Inc has rich experience in implementing packaged solutions like OBIA (Oracle Business Intelligence Applications). These packaged solutions offer pre-built end-to-end solutions starting from a pre-built data model, ETL mappings to a pre-built OLAP layer consisting of the semantic layer, reports, and dashboards.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Scorecards: CPM encompasses strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, workflow, reporting, modeling, scenario planning, profitability analysis, KPI monitoring, and consolidation. CPM addresses both operational and financial performance to include the process of collecting the data and performing analysis and reporting in a collaborative fashion for executives, managers,
and staff through all levels of an organization.